Wish List


Donation Suggestions

Gift cards (any denomination) to local grocery stores, department stores, restaurants
VISA gift cards
Gas cards (BP, Mobil, Kwik Trip, etc.)
Garbage bags, handle tie, (13 gallon)
Laundry detergent
Dryer sheets
Cleaning supplies for bathrooms (toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.)
Kitchen cleaning supplies (dish detergent, counter spray, soft scrub, etc.)
Air freshener spray
Swiffer WetJet pads
Swiffer WetJet bottled floor cleaner
Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart, etc.)
Hand sanitizer pumps
Moisturizing body wash & moisturizing hand wash pumps
Fleece blankets, twin or twin XL sizes
Bed pillows
Vinyl storage totes/bins (18 gallon size is ideal, but any size is fine)
White business size envelopes
Office “white out”
Sticky notes
Bottled water
Fruit juice boxes (no high fructose types)
Healthy snacks for guest clients (such as granola bars, raisin boxes, trail mix, microwave popcorn, etc.)
Packaged quick meals (such as mac & cheese, seasoned rice, dried soups, etc.)
Canned goods (chunky soups, refried beans, tuna, diced chicken breast, etc.)
Bags of shredded mulch to beautify the day center flower beds
Petunias for the day center flower beds & planters

Service-related Donation Suggestions

Home cooked meals (“crockpot” casserole, etc.) for guest families on non-church-hosted (motel) days
Seasonal yard work at the day center (weeding flower beds, spreading mulch, or raking leaves)